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thermokit rose


Themed set of 3 digital thermometers for different uses: body thermometer, pacifier thermometer and penguin thermometer for measuring water and room temperature.

Practical set of 3 digital thermometers for different uses

Thermokit is a set which helps parents to conveniently control the temperature of their babies and the water, comprising three thermometers: one body thermometer with a flexible tip, one in the shape of a pacifier and another for the bath. Its friendly design makes it the ideal gift kit.

All properly stored away and organized

The three Thermokit thermometers are kept in a practical waterproof PVC bag with a comfortable zip for opening.

Body thermometer with flexible tip

•  Soft, flexible tip.

•  Accurate measures the babys body temperature.

•  Beeps at the end of the measurement and in case of fever (more than 37.8º C).

Soft, pleasant pacifier thermometer

•  Oral temperature measurement. With a similar shape to conventional pacifiers, it is very practical for the babies.

•  Beeps at the end of the measurement and in case of fever.

•  It is submersible and can be washed under the water.

Penguin thermometer for the bath

•  Quickly measures the bath water and room temperature.

•  Visual alert in case of high or low temperature.

•  Playmate that complies with toy safety standards.

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Product namethermokit rose
Recommended age0+ Months
Width (cm)21
Height (cm)18
Core SkillsBath, Thermometers