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thermoadvanced easy


Fast, accurate and contactless measurement. Thermoadvanced Easy measures your baby’s forehead temperature in just 2 seconds with no need for contact. It can also measure the temperature of bath water, food (baby bottles and baby foods) and room temperature.

Quick, precise and non-contact measurements

It measures temperature in just 1 second, without touching the forehead. This makes it the ideal thermometer for the entire family, because as it does not touch the body everyone can use it, thus maintaining hygiene.

Measurement ofobjects and liquids

With thermoadvanced easy, parents will be able to measure the temperature of their baby’s bottle, their food or the bathwater since it can measure the temperature of liquids and objects.

Measures ambient temperature

It allows you to know at any time if the temperature in the baby’s room is optimal, thanks to the ambient temperature measurement.

It lets you monitor the evolution of the temperature

The last 30 measurements are stored. It also shows the date and the type of measurement, making it possible to check the evolution of the baby’s temperature.

Light temperature indicator

The measurement button lights up in green when the temperature is less than 37.9ºC and in red at higher temperatures. If your baby has a fever, it lets you know in a highly visual and intuitive way.

Powering off to save energy

Thermoadvanced easy automatically turns off after it hasn’t been used for three minutes, thereby saving energy and making sure the batteries last longer.

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