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thermotalk plus


Contact thermometer, immediate measurement. Thermotalk Plus measures your baby’s temperature by infra-red just by coming in contact with their forehead or ear for 2 seconds. It also lets you measure your baby’s pulse and the room temperature.

Fast measurement on the forehead and the ear

Measures the temperature by infrared in just 2 second in contact with the babys forehead or ear.

Checks the pulse

Thermotalk plus allows the heart rate to be measured in just 15 seconds, pressing the pulse sensor with the thumb.

Measures the room temperature

This thermometer also measures the room temperature, allowing the parents to know if the babys room is at the optimal temperature.

Communicates the temperature by voice

A configurable voice message in 6 languages Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian communicates the temperature obtained. In addition, if it’s wanted, it can also inform about the current time. Ideal for people with vision problems.

Includes a temperature evolution control

The last 15 records taken are memorized. It also shows the date and the type of measurement carried out, allowing the evolution of the babys temperature to be checked.

LCD display showing all the time and date information

In Standby Mode thermotalk plus shows the date, time and room temperature, alternatively, every 5 seconds.

Sensor cleaning alarm

To remind parents to clean the infrared sensor and ensure the accuracy of the measurements, if thermotalk plus has not been used for a long time or if several measures have been taken, an audible alarm will be activated and the backlight of the screen will flash for one minute.

Disconnection to save energy

Using the energy saving option, thermotalk plus turns off automatically after 3 minutes of being idle, allowing more energy to be saved.

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Product namethermotalk plus
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