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miniland grow&fun is an app which contains several games for your kids to have fun and learn, helping them develop their real needs until they are 7 years old.

miniland grow&fun provides you, as parents, with several games that fulfill your kids' real needs while growing up.

Find out more about the real needs they address and what the games are like


Lightning bugs fields

Visual stimulation and eye-hand coordination

There are three different types of scenarios. They will have to catch the lightning bugs and when clicking on them.. they will explode! You can activate the counter so that they get familiar with numbers.



Concentration and relaxation

They can fly to different countries and learn about the most typical mandala of that country and its music. They can use those images to complete their physical mandalas.



Creativity and communication

In this section your kids can choose between free drawing, using different colours, lipstick, highlighter, spray or mocus or colouring some silhouettes. They can also send you their drawings when they have finished.


My body

Getting to know your body

They can scan the QR codes from the cards of each organ and they will hear the organ sound and three sentences related to its functions, written and spoken.



Habits of hygiene and autonomy

They will learn about habits by listening to three tales in which the baby monster describes daily activities, in Spanish or English. And you can even record your own voice!




They can create their own monster avatar, name it and customize its appearance. For example, its hair, eyes, mouth, glasses, change its body parts’ colours, feed it or wash it. If you talk, it will repeat it. If it gets scared tickle it and it will laugh.

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