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eMyScale plus


A precision that lets you control the evolution of your baby’s weight during the different stages of their growth, up to 20 kg. You can connect it to the eMyBaby app via Bluetooth, which means you can easily record the data. It has a digital display, a hold function (to weigh moving babies) and a tare function, low battery warning and energy saving disconnection.

Control your baby’s weight at home in an easy way with a professional scale that can connect to your phone.

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From baby to child, with their weight always under control!

Precision scale that can weigh babies and children up to 20 kilos. The scale also has an overload indicator system that lets the user know when that weight limit has been exceeded.

Recording your baby’s weight measurements with eMyBaby®

eMyScale connects to your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth (BLE 4.1) to record the measurements taken in the eMyBaby® app. That way, mum and dad can keep track of the evolution of their baby’s weight. Very useful for all babies and especially for new-borns or those with weight problems. This scale can be used on its own or with eMyBaby®.

It allows you to precisely monitor the weight of even the rowdiest baby!

The hold and tare functions allow you to obtain the exact weight even when the baby is moving. Its precision also makes it possible to detect small variations in the weight of the baby.

Digital display

On the front it has an intuitive digital display that clearly shows the value of the measurement, as well as all the indicators.

A practical low battery warning

A low battery indicator lets you know when you need to change the batteries, so that your scale is always ready.

Powering off to save energy

eMyScaleautomatically turns off after one minute without use, thereby saving energy andmaking sure the batteries last longer.

(Size:1.9 MB)
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