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Accurate and easy to use. With babyScale you can weigh your baby as they grow until they reach 20 kg. It has a simple digital screen from which you can activate different weight features (Hold and Tare) and view different indicators related to battery life, automatic switch-off, etc. Using our eMyBaby app you can manually record your baby’s weight and create a development graph.

From baby to kid, weight always under control!

Children of up to 20 kilos can be weighed. Furthermore, the scale is fitted with an overweight indicator which provides a warning when those 20 kilos are exceeded.

Accurately controls the weight of the most fidgeting baby!

The hold function allows the parents to obtain the exact weight even when the baby is moving. In addition, its precision allows the parents to detect any minor variations in the weight of the little one

Digital display

Its front part is fitted with a user-friendly digital display which clearly shows the value of the measurement as well as all the indicators.

To follow the evolution of the baby's weight since its very first day

To make easier to check how much the baby has grown, the parents can compare the current weight with the last measurement made, saved on the memory. In addition, registering the baby’s weight manually on eMyBaby, it is possible to generate an evolution graphic.

Practical low battery indicator

A low battery indicator will warn the parents when is the right time to replace the batteries, so that the scale is ready at any time.

Disconnection to save energy

babyScale turns off automatically, allowing more energy to be saved and a longer battery life.

(Size:17 MB)
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Product namebabyScale
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