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humitop connect


Humidifier with Wi-Fi connection, with which you’ll be able to take care of the atmosphere in your home, no matter where you are.

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Greater humidity control from anywhere using a Wi-Fi connection

Using the eMyBaby app, you can monitor the evolution of the room’s atmosphere since it displays graphic values for humidity and temperature, giving a warning signal if it surpasses the desired levels. Furthermore, so as not to surpass them, the device allows automatic regulation.

Control of the desired atmosphere in the room

Using the intelligent programming function for relative humidity and vapor fl ow. The vapor fl ow can be regulated using three power levels: low, medium, and high.

The top fi lling cap makes it more convenient to use

The top fi lling cap enables easy access to fi ll the reservoir without the need to move the device, making it more practical and convenient to use.

Switch-off timer up to 12 hours

This helps to program when the vapor switches off at the desired time within a broad interval, from the initial switch-on time up until 12 hours later.

Front touch panel allows intuitive use

It displays the data collected by the humidity and temperature sensor and allows the user to adjust the vapor and humidity control and programming functions simply and intuitively.

Functions independently for more than 35 hours

Adjusted to minimum power input and maximum fi lling capacity of 5.5 liters. It incorporates a warning device when the water level drops via a change in the night light color from blue to red. Ideal for rooms up to 40 m2.

Night light and aromatherapy for more restful sleep

It incorporates a soft blue night light, which can be adapted to baby’s tastes in lit or off modes, and a compartment for adding essential oils for every possible use.

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