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beMyBuddy feeding


A breastfeeding cushion full of sensations. This soft cushion is designed to enjoy all the features of beMyBuddy during breastfeeding, whether from breast or bottle. Just place the beMybuddy module inside it (not included) to enjoy endless customisable features that will strengthen your baby’ s cognitive development and your parental bond, always in comfort and safety. It can also be used during pregnancy as a rest support, or as a support for your baby to rest or encourage crawling.

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The most innovative nursing pillow!

This revolutionary nursing pillow has been created for the baby to enjoy the countless emotions and feelings that, combined with the mobile device, beMyBuddy offers. The pillow has an inner pocket for the simple storage of the extractable module.

Ideal for accompanying such a special moment

With beMyBuddy and the eMyBaby®  app it is possible to record ans listen to the parents’  voices as well as playing songs and sounds specially designed for babies like the sounds of the maternal womb and heart, nature sounds, classical melodies and traditional lullabies. Parents can also play music stored on their mobile devices. This nursing pillow makes even more special this moment between the mother and the baby, and is also ideal for the father to bottle-feeding the baby, who will sense the mother is always nearby.

Designed to breast or bottle feed comfortably

beMyBuddy feeding is ideal for breast or bottle feeding in maximum comfort, as it relieves the strain on the mother’ s back, neck and arms, and provides a more comfortable position for the baby. In addition, its ergonomic design adapts to the body, providing stable and relaxing support.

100% organic cotton cover

The 100% organic cotton cover is removable and machine-washable at 30º  C, making it very easy to clean. Moreover, its soft, smooth texture provides great comfort to the baby.

A variety of modes of use for mothers and babies!

The pillow may also be used during pregnancy, or as support to lay or sit the baby down and to stimulate crawling. A highly useful and long-lasting nursing pillow!

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