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dreamcube magical


A complete sleep projector, with sounds and melodies. Dreamcube will help your baby relax and sleep thanks to its combination of lights and figures that it projects onto the ceiling, and its sweet lullabies and sounds. Dreamcube is also sound-activated and lets you set its projections and melodies according to your baby’s tastes.

Relaxes even the fussiest babies!

Thanks to the sweet lullabies and sounds, the relaxing drawings projected on the ceiling and the soft coloured lights, dreamcube helps relax and sleep even the most awakened babies.

Continuous mode or audio activation

The projector can work continuously or via sound activation, in which case it will remain on sleep mode while the baby rests peacefully, automatically activating itself if it detects the babys cry so that it can help them to go back to sleep. In addition, after three minutes it will shut down again to avoid disturbing the babies in case they have already reconciled sleep.

Projections and music that the baby will like

With dreamcube it is possible to choose from three different projection patterns according to the babys preference. Furthermore, it comes with 15 preset melodies and sounds. For all preferences!

Infinite possibilities for music and sounds

As well as the preset sounds it is possible for any melody to be played back thanks to its audio connector. This can be used to connect the projector to a computer, a mobile phone, etc.to make the little one enjoy any melody or sound without limitations.

Independent and combinable sound and projection

Dreamcube adapts to the needs of each baby and parent. Melodies and projections can be used combined or independently, so that the baby can enjoy only the projection, the music or the combination of both as desired.

Connect it to the mains supply or use it on battery power

Dreamcube can be used connected to the mains supply, allowing the parents not to have to worry about the projectors operational time or with batteries if they prefer to avoid the use of cables.

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Product namedreamcube magical
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsNight light and projectors
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