0+ Months

cosy dreamer


Nursery light, in your baby’s taste. A nursery light shaped like a snail with different lighting modes: permanent white light and changing rainbow light.

Soft and smooth to the touch

Made of silicon, highly fl exible and easy for little hands to grip since it is smooth and soft to the touch.

A relaxing sound to encourage sleep

It plays fi ve sounds that help baby relax and sleep.

A light your baby chooses

The color of the light can be selected to your baby’s preference: you can choose between soft white light, intense white light, changing rainbow light, or a single color. The different light modes are activated by pressure or soft tapping.

Sleep peacefully

This night light can remain on throughout the night to keep your baby feeling safe thanks to its long-life rechargeable battery, or it can turn off automatically after 30 minutes.

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More Information
Product namecosy dreamer
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsNight light and projectors
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