0+ Months

wandy star


Soft magic wand with a night light that will mean your little one never feels alone.


Bid goodbye to a fear of the dark

In the shape of a star or a moon, these fantastic magic wands are your baby’s perfect companion at night since their soft relaxing light encourages calm in the dark bringing on sleep again.

Easy cleaning

Manufactured as a soft toy that is pleasant to the baby’s touch, the extractable light module means you can wash it whenever needed.

Different activation modes according to the baby’s taste

It can be used in normal mode for constant operation, in movement mode when shaken by the baby as if it were a real magic wand, or activated by sound since it incorporates a sensor to pick up baby’s crying.

Automatic turn-off or continuous mode

Wandy can be used in continuous light mode, or automatically turn off after 30 minutes of use. It operates with a long-life rechargeable battery.

Always visible anywhere

It includes a practical contact sealing tape at the rear to attach it to the stroller, cot or any other element so it can always be close by and visible to the baby.

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More Information
Product namewandy star
Recommended age0+ Months
AwardsGuía Aiju 22-23
Core SkillsStuffed animals and cushions
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