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singing buddy


The little monster that helps babies relax

Thanks to eMyBaby, mums and dads can play the tunes and sounds that help their babies relax: sounds of nature, maternal sounds, lullabies or any other song from their own device. The possibilities are endless!

Plus, mums and dads can record and play their own voices. Your baby will feel so safe hearing their favourite lullaby or the little message that makes them smile!

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Technological innovation for the cognitive development of the babyWith the innovative singing buddy and our exclusive eMyBaby®  application, the baby will be able to listen and feel its parents’  records, the carefully designed preset sounds and the songs from its parents device, thereby promoting the cognitive development of the baby as from its birth until it is 2 years old learning is carried out through the senses. Close by parents wherever they may be, strengthening bondingWith singing buddy parents can record their voices, songs, or the babys favourite tales to be played back later, either immediately or at a later time, anywhere, so the baby will always feel like they are close by. A great source of emotions and sensations for the baby!The RELAXATION module in eMyBaby®  has several songs and sounds which have been especially designed for the baby - such as the sound of a heart and maternal womb, sounds from nature, classical pieces, and lullabies. Infinite possibilities for music and sounds: can be completely tailored to the parents taste!Aside from the predefi ned recordings and sounds, it is possible to reproduce the music stored on the parents mobile phone (Device music) and to create a list of Favourites, significantly expanding the options. Anywhere, with or without its accessoriesThe small size and lightness of the detachable module means that it can be used anywhere and in any situation. It can be used on its own, with a strap with a clip to hook it to a bag or pram, or can even be integrated into the stuffed toy or its two accessories. It works with a long-life rechargeable battery.

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Product namesinging buddy
Recommended age0-3 years
Width (cm)25
Height (cm)23
CollectionseMyBaby connected, Real needs
Core SkillsStuffed animals and cushions