0+ Months

dreambuddy pixie


Soft toy with the form of a pixie that develops bonds with parents through recordings of their voices.

Close to Mommy and Daddy wherever they are, encouraging attachment

With these adorable fairy and pixie soft toys, baby can hear the voices and listen to stories recorded by Daddy or Mommy as well as the fi ve preset relaxation sounds included on the heart-shaped sound device.

Activated by crying

Baby will always be accompanied at those times of greatest upset because dreambuddy detects crying, a voice or other sounds and activates automatically to induce relaxation and sleep.

Automatically turns off after 20 minutes

The timer turns the device off automatically after 20 minutes’  operation, both if the device is turned on in normal mode for the moments prior to sleep time, and in the sound-activated mode once baby is asleep.

A faithful friend anywhere

It includes a practical velcro strip at the rear to attach it to the stroller, cot, crib or any other element so it can be always close by and visible to the baby. Furthermore, the sound module is extractable, making this soft toy easy to wash.

Great autonomy for longer

It functions with a long-life rechargeable battery and includes a USB charging cable.

More Information
Product name dreambuddy pixie
Recommended age 0+ Months
eMyBaby No
Collections Magical
Core Skills Stuffed animals and cushions