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thermo bath bee


Pleasant, fun bath times. Thermo Bath is a friendly bee who acts as a playmate for your baby at bath times, as well as a thermometer that measures both water and bathroom temperature, always ensuring a pleasant, fun atmosphere.

A pleasant and funny bath under any circumstances

Thermo bath allows the parents to easily control at any time both the bath water and the room temperature as it measures them constantly, showing on its screen any variations that occur.

The babys favourite temperature

The ideal bath temperature at home varies between 36 and 38 degrees. With thermo bath you can reach your babys favourite temperature and make sure that it does not move away from these values.


The baby may hold it and even submerge it when it is floating as it complies with the toy safety standards.

Alerts for high or low temperature

The bee warns with a green light when the water temperature is lower than 30ºC and with a red light when it is greater than 39ºC. In addition, it shows arrows on the screen indicating that the water temperature is out the comfort range.

Controls the bath time

Aside from the digital clock, thermos bath also has a stopwatch with a countdown and count forward which allows parents to control bath time.

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Product namethermo bath bee
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsBath, Thermometers
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