Taking care of little ones,
and taking care of our planet

We are looking into the ways we manufacture our toys and baby products because we want to improve the impact on people, our society, and our planet.


Eco-Friendly Cycle

Our eco-friendly products are durable. We use bio-based materials such as wood and natural fibers. Among our new items you will find products made of these bio-based materials.



We are relying on new materials: fir fibers, sustainable woods, bamboos, rice fibers and natural rubbers. We are also working on the progressive reduction of single-use plastic as well as reducing sizes of our packaging.



We have implemented the use of renewable energy in our facilities with the installation of solar panels. We have also updated our injection equipment and machinery with new electric equipment and machinery with lower energy consumption. Installed a new energy management system that allows us to measure factory energy levels to reduce and be more efficient and also installed LED lighting in our facilities to further reduce electric consumption.



Implemented projects to reduce logistical packaging in order to be able to package items for direct sale such as our new sets of dolls + outfits. We also prioritize working with local vendors for services and materials.


Reuse and repair

Our toys are designed and tested to be used and handed down through generations in the home and classroom settings and we work to offer quality customer service repairing and offering replacement pieces to prolong the lives of our products.


We bet on new materials

We are implementing our new materials: WPC (wood-plastic composition), certified woods, bamboos, rice fibers and natural rubber. We are also working on the progressive reduction of single-use plastic as well as reducing sizes of our packaging.


Discover our eco-friendly products

ook for products with our eco-friendly logo and take care of your little ones and our environment in a responsible and safe way.




Educative toys

Taking care of little ones and taking care of our planet! Will you join the change?