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bath kit


A friendly bath and shower set. It contains a shower thermometer shaped like a tiger, a fun bath sponge (manufactured of 100% natural fibre and cotton) shaped like an owl and 2 rubber animals, a polar bear and a hippopotamus, which become your baby’s best mates during bath time.

A friendly bath and shower set

A fun kit comprising a shower thermometer in the shape of a tiger, a fun bath sponge and two little rubber animals which will become the little ones best friends at bath time.A tiger, an owl, a hippopotamus and a bear will be the perfect companions at bath time.

Protects the baby

Babies are very sensitive to too high or low temperatures. Using the shower thermometer, the parents can control the temperature at which the water comes out at any time with a visual alarm when exceeding 39º C. It is very practical for rinsing the baby directly with the shower head at the perfect temperature.

Very easy to install thermometer

All parents have to do is screw on the thermometer between the shower head and the hose. In addition, it is covered by a rubber tiger to protect it.

Cotton and 100% natural fibre sponge for a soft, relaxing bath

The attractive sponge in owl shape is made of top quality materials. The front part is made of cotton which will ensure the baby has all the softness he needs for a good bath. The back of the sponge is made of sisal, a 100% natural, biodegradable fibre.

Fun whistles and lots of games

The bear and the hippopotamus become the babys perfect playmates. He will love their soft shapes, making them easy to pick up. If you squeeze them, they emit fun whistling sounds and float! They can also be filled with water by submersing them, then creating a fun water fountain when expelling it.

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Product namebath kit
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsBath, Thermometers