6 meses - 1 año

Feel to Learn: Mirror set


Did you know that at around 6 months babies begin to be surprised by their reflection and even start to laugh? In later months, babies will begin to become aware of themselves and their movements in what is known as the "mirror stage," so this set of 3 sensory mirrors can help them reach the cognitive developmental milestones of this new stage. Featuring high-contrast color designs, these sensory mirrors stimulate the sense of sight and, thanks to the crinkly paper inside, also the sense of hearing and touch.

Easy to wash, even in the washing machine (although it is recommended to protect the safety mirror when washing).

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- Set of 3 safety mirrors in natural shapes for babies (from 6 months).

- Multisensory stimulation: high contrast colors (sight), sound and crunchy paper texture on the edges (hearing and touch).

- Supports cognitive development: From 6 months, babies begin to be surprised and amused to see themselves reflected in a mirror; in later months, they will begin to become aware of their body and that this reflection belongs to them, so these mirrors are perfectly suited to these milestones of their development.

- Easy to clean and disinfect. Machine washable, although it is recommended to protect the mirror in the wash.

More Information
Product nameFeel to Learn: Mirror set
Recommended age6 meses - 1 año
Special NeedsYes
Miniland Teach&PlayNo
Multiple intelligencesBody & Movement, Exploring Nature
Featured intelligenceEmotional Journey
Core SkillsActive Play, Self-knowledge, Sensory Stimulation
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