Quality and hygiene policy

Date of last update: 02/01/2024



The Management Policy (Quality and Hygiene and Environment) is defined by Miniland based on its positioning, purpose and values ​​included in their strategic plan and which are summarized as:


For those who believe that children are the promise of a better world, Miniland is the expert brand in promoting progress by listening and designing what society longs for, taking care of the present to improve the future.


Our purpose, our reason for being:

Transform the present to build a better society tomorrow:

Because we are experts in creating products that adapt to the different needs of children, with solutions for their total development, committed to quality, practicality, safety and design.
Because we are motivated to promote well-being at all stages as something essential for sustainable development.
We want to build a better world with shared universal values: tolerance, respect, empathy, diversity, sustainability.
We focus on transforming the present, to build a better society for tomorrow.



· Naturally diverse

· Drivers of progress

· Authentically sincere

· Creators of possibilities


MINILAND is committed to complying with internal requirements and those of their clients, and continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system (quality and environment), reviewing the objectives periodically, promoting the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking. .

MINILAND works in pursuit of sustainability and as part of this work they calculate and verify the carbon footprint of the organization in pursuit of continuous improvement. Reducing the impact that the company makes on the planet with its activity and in order to achieve carbon neutrality. In addition, it acquires the commitments to protect the environment, pollution prevention, compliance with legal requirements and other requirements, as well as continuous improvement.

Those responsible for each department assume these commitments by transmitting them appropriately and involving their most direct collaborators.

At present, MINILAND is an importer of thermometers and other electronic products that are considered Sanitary Products, having a specific Management System for their treatment and control.

This policy will be reviewed periodically so that it is a true reflection of the direction of the company.


Julien Fournier