6 meses - 1 año

Feel to Learn: Crawling roller


Soft and large roller, which when rolling on the floor, stimulates crawling and autonomous movement thanks to its contrasting colors and the tinkling of its inner bell. From the age of 6 months, our babies can begin to explore the world through crawling and we can help them by stimulating the development of their motor skills with this Miniland crawling roller. This material cannot be missing in early stimulation rooms, as it allows to support the baby's body developing the vestibular system, balance and movement control.

They can be used from 4 or 5 months, allowing the baby to adopt strength in its upper and lower limbs, encouraging the crawling position, developing the control of its own body in movement and managing to stay in balance. It is also full of surprises: crunchy paper, baby safety mirror, contrasting colors and different textures will amuse and stimulate the baby's sense of touch, sight and hearing.

A sensory and multi-activity roller that will become a favorite toy for babies between 6 and 12 months!

Learn more about Feel To Learn Collection at https://minilandgroup.com/en/feel-to-learn

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- Multi-activity sensory crawling roller.

- Promotes the development of major motor skills, motor skills and balance in babies from 6 months, through the stimulation of the vestibular system of babies.

- Its large size and soft texture allows babies to practice pushing and rolling movements, stimulating crawling.

- Contains "surprises" in the form of contrasting textures and colors, crunchy paper, a safety mirror and a bell inside, ideal to encourage exploration and learning through emotion.

- Easy to clean and disinfect. Machine washable.

More Information
Product nameFeel to Learn: Crawling roller
Recommended age6 meses - 1 año
Diameter in inches5
Width in inches17
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayNo
Multiple intelligencesEmotional Journey, Rythm & Melodies
Featured intelligenceBody & Movement
Core SkillsActive Play, Gross-motor Skills, Sensory Stimulation
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