Advertencia pieza pequeña
2-6 years

Translucent Trays


A set of 4 transparent trays to classify sizes, colors and shapes, which can be used on light tables and with all kinds of accessories and translucent counters. There are 5 compartments, so a few children can play classification games with it at the same time on light tables, Trays can also be used to put classroom supplies in them after each use.

Made in Spain award

4 trays and 1 translucent activity sheet.

More Information
Product nameTranslucent Trays
Recommended age2-6 years
WarningsPieza pequeña
AwardsMade in Spain award
Featured intelligenceLogical Thinking & Math
CollectionsDisable 005, Numbers, Math & Logic
Core SkillsNumberacy & Counting, Organization & Time Management, Pattern Recognition&Sequencing, Sorting & Lacing