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For ear and forehead, objects and room temperature. Thermosense is an infra-red contact thermometer characterised by its design and ease of use. It accurately measures on contact with the ear or forehead, as well as being able to measure the temperature of the bottle, baby food, bath water and room temperature. It incorporates a fever indicator and stores up to 9 readings.

Contact thermometer, ergonomic and precise

Measures the temperature by means of contact with the forehead and ear using infrared. Its ergonomic design makes it very simple and convenient to use.

Measuring objects and liquids

With thermosense, parents will also be able to measure the temperature of the baby bottle, the baby food, or the water in the bath, since it allows the temperature of liquids and objects to be measured.

Measure ambient temperature

It allows parents to know at all times whether or not the temperature in the babys room is optimal thanks to its measurement of the ambient temperature.

Fever visual indicator

Thermosense features a LED light which lights up in red when the measured temperature exceeds 38ºC. This way, parents will be able to know at a glance if their baby has a fever.

With tracking of temperatures read

It incorporates tracking of the development of temperatures thanks to its memory with 9 records.

Information about the date and time on its LCD screen

It has an LCD screen that shows the date, time, and ambient temperature.

Sensor cleaning alarm

To remind parents to clean the infrared sensor and ensure the accuracy of the measurements, if thermosense has not been used for a long time or if several measures have been taken, an audible alarm will be activated and the backlight of the screen will flash for one minute.

Disconnection to save energy

Using the energy-saving mode, the thermometer will turn itself off automatically after not being used for three minutes in order to extend the battery life.

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