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thermetic candy


Thermetic Candy features three different compartments to store and transport your baby's food. You can choose between the small container (200ml), the medium one (350ml), and the large one (700ml). Or mix and match them in the way that suits you best, as it keeps the baby's feedings separated in compartments. Moreover, its high-quality materials keep the temperature preserved for longer hours. And if you need it hotter, you can use its containers to warm up the baby's puree in the microwave. It even comes with a little animal friend! What more do you need?

For all types of food

Ideal from the very first mush to solid foods. Different food can be kept in each of its two containers of 350ml and 200ml of capacity. Thermetic has a total capacity of 700ml.

To take everywhere

It has the ideal size to take it anywhere. Perfect for trips or for leaving the baby with someone else.

Materials endowed with exceptional quality

The interior of the thermo is made of 18/8 steel (304 steel), the most suitable for food conservation.

Feeding from the containers

They are very suitable for feeding the baby directly without needing to pour the content into a dish or plate.

Parents can heat the food up in the microwave

thermetic maintains food temperature for hours. However, if parents want, the baby’s food can be heated up in the recipients.

Bisphenol A free

100% BPA-free.

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Product namethermetic candy
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsThermos and thermal bags
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