0+ Months

pacipocket mediterranean


Woven pacifier case with a carry handle. Lets you carry your baby’ s pacifiers in a clean, hygienic way, always away from contact with impurities.

Pacifiers always stay clean

They protect the pacifier from impurities and external agents, keeping it always clean, whether at home or on a walk, carrying it comfortably and hygienically.

Handle for comfortable carrying anywhere

It includes a handle topped by a button to attach it to the cot, crib, stroller or handbag so you always have it handy.

With a zip seal for greater safety

It ensures the pacifier is always in perfect condition thanks to its zip seal.

Three distinct styles to choose from

With different designs from which to choose: Deluxe for more stylish babies, Mediterranean for those who adore the open air, and Magical for the dreamers.

More Information
Product namepacipocket mediterranean
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsCutlery and pacifier holders