0+ Months

pacipocket magical


Woven pacifier case with a carry handle. Lets you carry your baby’ s pacifiers in a clean, hygienic way, always away from contact with impurities.

Made in Spain from top quality materials

Made at our facilites from top quality polypropylene, one of the most resistant and safe materials for the baby's food and hygiene.

Pacifiers always clean

Transports the baby's pacifier in a clean, hygienic manner, always kept away from any contact with impurities and any other objects which may be dirty.

Flexible handle to take it anywhere

Thanks to its flexible handle, the parents can hang and unhang the pacikeeper from the baby's pram whenever they like very easily.

Fascinates the little ones

The little ones love its friendly little bear design so they'll want to take it everywhere. It also complies with toy safety standards.

Easy to clean

All parents need is a damp cloth to leave it perfectly clean or if preferred, use the dishwasher.


100% phthalate-free.

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Product namepacipocket magical
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsCutlery and pacifier holders