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on the go carebag


Mini portable rucksack for your baby’s basic health care accessories. Carry your thermometers, creams, medicines, administering/dosage info and cards in a tidy, accessible way.

To go anywhere with all the things needed to look after the baby

Thanks to its compartments, all the accessories needed to take care of the health of the baby can be transported: thermometer, creams, syrups ... In addition, it has a practical card holder to carry all the information: cards, indications of the doses ... Parents can prepare the bag to take it anywhere or for their loved ones to take care of the baby having everything they need at hand.

Waterproof materials to achieve better protection

Its fabric has been treated with a waterproof finish inside and out to ensure easy cleaning and the correct storage of the accessories stored inside the case.

Compact, light, and easy to transport

With a light and compact design, it is very easy to pick up and carry everywhere, since it is just the right size to fit into the babys bag. Furthermore, thanks to its carrying handle, it can also be conveniently hung from the baby’ s pram.

Durable materials for more protection

Manufactured with highly durable materials that help to protect its contents against possible abrasions and scratches.

Together but not mixed

All the accessories in place thanks to the pockets with elastic openings, so that the content is kept organized and under control.

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Product nameon the go carebag
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsBaby care kits