0+ Months

naturmeal chick


From the countryside to your table.

A complete tableware with frog and chick motifs for very young children, with 5 items (plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon) and made of 100% natural bio-based materials.

Its small size means they'll be able to enjoy their meals on their own and learn about food.

Fun for little ones!

Full tableware set with fun frog or chick patterns, to make every mealtime great.

Full set of tableware

The 5-piece set consists of a flat plate for solid food; a bowl that’ s ideal for baby food; a fork and spoon in just the right size for baby’ s first meals, plus a drinking cup.

For learning to eat by themselves

The specially designed smaller dimensions of the spoon and fork will help little ones to learn to eat by themselves. And the little open cup will help them learn to hold it properly and drink without spilling. It goes perfectly with the other pieces to make mealtimes fun!

Natural materials

Made from 100% natural, long-lasting materials, they’ re tough and light, to teach little ones the importance of caring for the environment and respecting the world they’ ll be living in.

Dishwasher safe

All the items in this set can be placed in the dishwasher with complete confidence.

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Product namenaturmeal chick
Recommended age0+ Months
Core SkillsDinnerware, cutlery and mugs