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naturlunch frog


Baby food lunch box with pictures of frogs

Made with materials of bio-based origin (PLA), very resistant and durable, this sandwich box comes with two different nature motifs (frog and chick). It has a silicone band on the lid for a fully airtight closure that prevents unwanted leakages plus a removable silicone divider to separate two different foods inside.

The yummiest food in the best container

This lunchbox is ideal for little ones to take their snacks or food anywhere. Little boxes that can be used for all snacks or meals, keeping food super fresh.

Natural materials

Made with 100% natural, hard-wearing materials to teach little ones the importance of caring for the environment and respecting the world they’ll be living in.

Every bit of food in the right place

They’re just the right size to store two types of food, separated into two portions using the removable silicone separator. As you can remove the separator easily, you can shape each compartment to your needs, adding more or less to each side.

Airtight lid

The lid has a little silicone band inside to ensure a completely airtight seal, avoiding pesky spillages and keeping food fresher for longer, preserving tastes and aromas.

Nature-themed design

The container comes with two gorgeous nature-themed designs: a friendly frog and an adorable little chick.

Dishwasher safe

The whole set can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

More Information
Product namenaturlunch frog
Recommended age0+ Months
Width (cm)13
Height (cm)6
Core SkillsHermetic containers
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