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meal set BLW mint


Beautiful and complete BLW (Baby-Led Weaning) dinnerware set for babies in mint green color, which includes a placemat, a plate with three compartments for different meals, flexible utensils for comfortable handling by the child, and a perfectly adapted cup for their little hands when they want to start being more independent. It doesn't slip and is designed to be functional for individuals with visual and motor diversity. You can wash it in the dishwasher and heat it in the microwave thanks to its selection of materials.

Made in Spain award

Ideal tableware for the initiation of baby-led weaningThis complete tableware is ideal for beginning baby-led weaning, as it consists of a plate with separators that allow for up to three different foods, a non-slip placemat, a short and fl exible spoon and fork and an open glass with large handles so that the little ones can learn to drink like adults.

Designed for small children or those with functional diversityThe cutlery with thick, non-slip handles has been specially designed to be easy to grip, helping both very small children in the early stages of eating as well as those with motor diffi culties. In addition, thanks to its fl exibility, it can be used by both lefthanded and right handed children. The glass also has large handles, a non-slip surface and a thick, heavy base for increased stability.

Tableware that is adapted for people with visual disabilitiesThanks to the simplicity of the design, the special marks included in the back of the cutlery and the stability of the glass, this tableware can help people with visual functional diversity at mealtimes.

Suitable for dishwashers and microwavesAll the pieces included in this set can be conveniently washed in a dishwasher and placed in a microwave to heat/thaw the food.

Made in SpainDomestic product, made of very durable and resistant materials.

More Information
Product namemeal set BLW mint
Recommended age0+ Months
AwardsMade in Spain award
Core SkillsDinnerware, cutlery and mugs
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