0+ Months

carebook candy


Store and protect your baby's health record and most important documents in this candy-colored baby document holder. You'll always have their information on hand for medical appointments, protected from wear and tear. Now in a conveniently transportable size and securely closed so that no information is ever lost.

Always at hand for medical visits

It protects your healthcare notebook from deterioration through use and carries all the documentation relating to your baby so you can always find it for all your pediatric visits.

Documentation visible in additional compartments

Diverse compartments with a transparent pocket in different sizes let you keep both your healthcare book and other doctor’s cards, prescriptions or appointment cards well organized and in sight.

Zip seal so as not to lose any data

Make your document pouch the perfect ally for carrying in the bag on your stroller or vanity kit so you never forget it.

Comfortable size fi ts the standard

At 17x24 cm, it is the same size as the healthcare books provided by hospital maternity.

Waterproof exterior

Thanks to the waterproof fabric of the carebook, you can clean the cover quickly and comfortably.

More Information
Product namecarebook candy
Recommended age0+ Months
Height (cm)24
Core SkillsBaby care kits
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