2-5 years

Nuts & Bolts School Set


Nuts and bolts is an excellent game for developing fine psychomotor skills and concentration, and for working on colors and basic geometric shapes with younger kids. 36 nuts and 36 bolts made of highly-resistant plastic in basic geometric shapes and colors geared to exercising manual dexterity and visual motor coordination when screwing and unscrewing the pieces. The game comes with 16 self-correcting worksheets scaled in accordance with difficulty, providing you with a fantastic resource for working on fine psychomotor skills control in a fun manner. The cards are designed to work not only on colors and shapes, but also on the number and amount.

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36 nuts, 36 bolts & 16 activity sheets

More Information
Product name Nuts & Bolts School Set
Recommended age 2-5 years
Height in inches 2¾"
Special Needs No
Miniland Teach&Play Yes
Teach&Play Join the nuts and bolts
Multiple intelligences Logical Thinking & Math, Speaking & Listening
Featured intelligence Body & Movement
Core Skills Fine-motor Skills, Pattern Recognition&Sequencing, Shape&colour recognition, Shapes & Color (Recognition)