Doll caucasian curly black hair 15" Lead Romper


Miniland Colourful Edition is a reflection of a diverse society, where every boy and girl is unique. That's why, in this selection of dolls and action figures, you will find a special friend for each child.

The one you see now is the dark curly-haired doll, a sweet companion that can become the best gift you give. Additionally, now you can get it with specially designed lead-colored clothing for this curly-haired doll. A toy designed and crafted 100% in Spain.

And at www.teachandplay.com, the little ones can create their unique dolls and print them. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

logo inteligencia destacada social
logo inteligencia emocional
logo inteligencia del lenguaje
Premio Therapist recommended
logo premio  insiders
Made in Spain award

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More Information
Product nameDoll caucasian curly black hair 15" Lead Romper
Recommended age10-72months
Height in inches15
Special NeedsYes
Miniland Teach&PlayYes
Teach&PlayParts of the body, Parts of the face
AwardsTherapist recommended, Toy Insiders, Made in Spain award
Multiple intelligencesEmotional Journey, Speaking & Listening
Featured intelligenceSocial Engagement
Core SkillsImaginative & Role Play, Self-knowledge, Social & Cultural Awareness, Storytelling
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