2-7 years

Mindful Kids


Mindful Kids is a great way to introduce your students to relaxation and self-awareness exercises in the classroom. Mindfulness benefits both you and your students. Kit includes interchangeable discs to try out different techniques and games geared to improving children’ s mental and physical health. Game includes digital content at no additional cost to you. One set can be ideally used with 15 students, 25 max. In a classroom setting, it can be played establishing rules and taking turns.

In addition to this, with our miniland teach&play educational platform you can combine this product with free resources and games to broaden the educational experience.

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1 spinning top, 6 plastic discs and 1 teaching guide.

More Information
Product nameMindful Kids
Recommended age2-7 years
Diameter in inches15
Height in inches19
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayYes
Teach&PlayMindful KIDS
AwardsGuía Aiju 22-23
Multiple intelligencesBody & Movement, Rythm & Melodies, Social Engagement
Featured intelligenceEmotional Journey
Core SkillsActive Play, Alphabet Awareness & Vocabular, Gross-motor Skills, Self-knowledge