3-9 years

Activity Abacus Multibase


A vertical 6-column abacus made of resistant plastic with easy-to-handle brightly colored cubes. Handy and attractive material designed to promote a child´s mathematical and logical thinking. This activity familiarizes children with basic mathematical notions and facilitates their understanding of the positional value of numbers. Furthermore, it focuses on counting, seriation, previous and following numbers and calculations using the 12 activity sheets that come with the game and the teaching guide.

logo inteligencia destacada lógico matemática
logo inteligencia activa y corporal

90 cubes, 1 modular abacus, 12 activity patterns & 1 teaching guide.

More Information
Product nameActivity Abacus Multibase
Recommended age3-9 years
Width in inches9
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayNo
WarningsSmall Parts. Not for < 3 years,
Multiple intelligencesBody & Movement, Visual & Spatial Perception
Featured intelligenceLogical Thinking & Math
Core SkillsLogical & Critical thinking, Memory, Numberacy & Counting, Spatial Orientation