5-7 years

Translucent Conexion


A set of 56 2D polygons, which fit together to build polyhedrons and 3D volumetric shapes. It comes with transparent activity sheets with increasing difficulty levels, that can be used on light tables. It also includes an instructions booklet that focuses on hands-on mathematical learning in the classroom. This mathematical resource is so much fun, children will love it!

logo inteligencia destacada lógico matemática
logo inteligencia activa y corporal

56 pieces, 8 transparent game cards and 1 brochure.

More Information
Product nameTranslucent Conexion
Recommended age5-7 years
Height (cm)7
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayNo
WarningsSmall Parts. Not for < 3 years
Multiple intelligencesBody & Movement, Visual & Spatial Perception
Featured intelligenceLogical Thinking & Math
Core SkillsFine-motor Skills, Logical & Critical thinking, Shape&colour recognition, Spatial Orientation