3-7 years

The Rocket 10


The Rocket 10 focuses on manipulative mathematics. This entertaining toy is a powerful teaching resource as a means of promoting the learning of the following basic mathematical concepts through manipulation and the game:

  • Working with patterns.
  • Number-quantity association
  • Speed in counting.
  • Breaking down the number 10.
  • An introduction to addition and subtraction.
  • Even and odd numbers.

In addition to this, with our miniland teach&play educational platform you can combine this product with free resources and games to broaden the educational experience.

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1 Rocket 40 fuel pegs, 18 challenge cards, 40 number cards, 1 dice, 1 bag y 1 teaching guide.

More Information
Product nameThe Rocket 10
Recommended age3-7 years
Height (cm)39
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayYes
Teach&PlayConnected Additions, Greater, Less & Equal, Rocket 10, Rocket 5
WarningsSmall Parts. Not for < 3 years
Multiple intelligencesSocial Engagement, Visual & Spatial Perception
Featured intelligenceLogical Thinking & Math
Core SkillsEmpathy & Cooperation, Logical & Critical thinking, Numberacy & Counting, Persistence