3-6 years

ECO Activity Pins


Set of pegs with basic shapes (circle, square and triangle) made in eco-friendly materials (spruce fibers). It comes with a board made of recycled foam, three 1- meter braided cotton laces and 8 activity cards. It is an excellent educational game that helps children learn about shapes and colors while having fun. It also improves attention span and concentration.

logo inteligencia destacada activa y corporal
logo inteligencia lógico-matemática

18 shapes, 1 board made of recycled foam, 3 cotton laces and 8 activities (4 activity sheets).

More Information
Product nameECO Activity Pins
Recommended age3-6 years
Width (cm)19
Height (cm)19
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayNo
Multiple intelligencesLogical Thinking & Math
Featured intelligenceBody & Movement