5-9 years

Activity Euro Tray


Bills and coins to play and have fun. This toy helps to identify and understand money values, acquiring the skill of valuing objects. It practices arithmetic. Allows money to be counted and organized in its segmented tray

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1 tray, 12 activity sheets, 21 plastic bills,  68 coins, 2 credit cards, 1 adhesives sheet & 1 brochure.

More Information
Product name Activity Euro Tray
Recommended age 5-9 years
Width (cm) 38.00
Height (cm) 28.00
Special Needs Yes
Miniland Teach&Play Yes
Teach&Play Buy with € coins, Place the € notes in its pile, € Pair game
Multiple intelligences Social Engagement
Featured intelligence Logical Thinking & Math
Core Skills Adaptability, Financial Literacy, Imaginative & Role Play, Numberacy & Counting