5-7 years

Dollar Shopping


Symbolic game. It is an appropiate resource to carry out the first mathematical exercices: Visual discrimination and sorting according to specific criteria. Visual recognition of the elements making up the US currency. Association of identified coins with their written numerical equivalent. Comparing quantities by using numerical procedures.

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24 Coins + 14 Bills, 18 Game cards & 1 brochure.

More Information
Product nameDollar Shopping
Recommended age5-7 years
Width in inches8¼”
Height in inches11?"
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayYes
Teach&Play$ Pair game, Buy with $ coins, Place the $ notes in its pile
WarningsSmall Parts. Not for < 3 years
Multiple intelligencesSocial Engagement
Featured intelligenceLogical Thinking & Math
Core SkillsAdaptability, Financial Literacy, Imaginative & Role Play, Numberacy & Counting