6-24 months

naturkid botlle foxy


They will accompany children on school days, during extracurricular activities or on weekend getaways. Miniland bottles are reusable and highly durable in order to contribute to a more sustainable and waste-free world. Their practical size makes it easy for kids to handle them and they have a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning. Anti-drip plug with a washer to prevent leakage.

They maintain the temperature of liquids for longer

Miniland bottles keep drinks hot or cold for longer thanks to their stainless-steel wall, so that kids are properly hydrated at school, when they’ re on an excursion or basically anywhere.

A fun exterior design

With attractive colours, a fun and original design and a soft rubber feel on the outside, they will love it.

Materials of exceptional quality

They are manufactured with 18/8 steel (304 steel) on the inside, which has very low thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to high temperatures, the most appropriate for food preservation.

Customise it with your name!

The bottles include a tag with a fun leaf shape so we can customise it with our name.

A clean mouthpiece anywhere, with no spills

Thanks to its protective cap, the mouthpiece will always be clean and ready to use. It also protects against unwanted spills when you’ re on the move.

Bisphenol-A free

100% BPA free.

Reusable and durable

Since it’ s made from stainless steel, it can be used time and time again, contributing to the sustainability of the environment. That way, parents will be able to teach their kids how important it is to take care of the planet and to respect the world they are going to live in.

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Product namenaturkid botlle foxy
Recommended age6-24 months
Special NeedsNo
Miniland Teach&PlayNo